Maastricht 2016

Andre added three dates to his Maastricht set this year. Every year sees more and more people travelling to this beautiful Dutch city to see the Maestro play in his home-town. To find out dates and how to get concert seats for Andre Rieu in Maastricht 2016, use this page. There are also Hotel and VIP packages available for the concert.

On this page (quick navigation links):







Andre’s dates for Maastricht are as follows:

Andre Rieu Tour Dates 2016 Vrijthof Maastricht

The calendar image above is taken from his official website which you can find here:


The concert is held at Vrijthof in Maastricht – a busy square in the city. (Read more about Maastricht here.) This year he celebrates 10 years on the Vrijthof, so no doubt the concerts will be themed accordingly on this milestone anniversary.  I cannot find information on which special guests will appear. I searched for this last year also and no joy. If anybody knows, please comment below or provide a link. My little girl became very fond of Heino, the German singer, watching the 2009 concert over and over! So I hoped he might make an appearance at our concert. However, 2013 we saw Jermaine Jackson (Michael’s brother) and Trinny Lopez (If I had a hammer…). Both acts were excellent and were both staying at the same hotel as my sister and I (lah dee dah… see more on where to stay here.)

Unfortunately I don’t have footage of my little Meggie dancing to Heino to hand but if you’re used to watching the concerts you’ll know the song/tune “Adieu mein kleiner Gardeoffizier”…(apologies for the vertical picture – I think I turn my iphone the wrong way for videos!)…… ps. She is 2 and a half…Big fan!


Be careful of where you buy your tickets. Make sure you are buying from a trusted and reputable outlet. People have been scammed into paying way above the market price for tickets or even paying for counterfeit tickets which are not valid for entry.

To buy authentic tickets, I recommend his official website:

On the calendar, go to the date you are interested in and follow the links from there.

The ticket prices are based on rank/category, with rank 1 being the most expensive… see the red block in the seating map below… Rank 2 are orange, Rank 3 are green and Rank 4 are the yellow blocks.

Andre Rieu Seating Plan 2014 Vrijthof Maastricht

Andre Rieu Seating Plan 2016 Vrijthof Maastricht




He also has Vrijthof packages available on his website. There are hotel packages and VIP packages – you will see the links beside his dates on the calendar.

Vrijthof Packages

Vrijthof Packages

I found the link to the VIP info a little hard to get to so click the image above or here it is:

(If you get lost and you think I can help just contact me and I’ll see if I can figure it out.)

I notice the VIP packages are not available for all the dates so if you want the VIP package and don’t see the option, check another date. There are three VIP packages – there is a package with a visit to his castle (who knows… he might be hiding behind some door heheeeeeeeeee…), a tour of his music studio or a tour of the backstage concert venue. Well I know which one I’d pick if I hadn’t so many bills to pay this year!

Here is a general link to both the hotel and VIP packages on his site:

Make yourself a cup of tea (or pour a nice glass of wine… it’s Five O ‘Clock somewhere! ) and sit back and tempt yourself with this video of VIP package…

How to book a terrace package (seat in a café/restaurant)


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    Do you have to become a mamber and/or book a VIP package to get the A2 block tickets?

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