Australian fan proclaims her devotion: “Ode to Andre Rieu”.

He has a special gift to warm the hearts of fans worldwide not only through his music, but also through his charm and charisma. Justin Beiber fans (Beliebers) claim they have Bieber fever. For Andre fans, there is certainly a case for christening his impassioned fans with a fitting label. In another article on this site I stated I had Andre-itis, but I’m sure we could come up with a more tuneful tag.

The King of the Waltz holds a special place in his heart for Australia, calling it his “second home”. Performing in the ‘Land down under’ annually, and in various cities, Andre said of one performance “Yesterday we played I Am Australian – it is such a beautiful piece. It touches me again every night and I have to tell myself not to cry on stage.”

Ode to Andre Rieu - Desiree Regina

Ode to Andre Rieu – Desiree Regina

One fan, in Australia has taken her devotion to the masses, with a video plea to Andre to let her sing with him. Desiree Regina from Sydney, made a video proclaiming her admiration to Andre to the tune of Habanera from Carmen. In the video “Ode to Andre Rieu”, she makes her plea to perform with him, as she shows herself in quirky scenes from her home village of Bundeena, Sydney.

The Holland-born devotee says “I have a lot of Andre’s DVD’s… I kept playing them and driving everyone crazy and then my children said: ‘Come on, mummy, when are you going to perform with Andre?’ Those little innocent faces pleading with me … well it just took off after that!”

Desiree Regina with her daughter

Desiree Regina with her daughter

In her hope for a performance alongside the Virtuoso, she says “Hope is a driving force… not only are my children looking forward to me performing with André but now the whole town is full of hope! I just hope I can deliver! Please, André!”

Have a look at the clip and see what you think:

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