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Andre Rieu t shirt


NOTE: CLICKING ON ANY OF THE IMAGES BELOW WILL BRING YOU TO AMAZON or EBAY WHERE YOU CAN VIEW MORE INFORMATION OR PURCHASE THE PRODUCT.  I Love André Rieu: 100 page Large Black Notebook/Journal Andre Rieu Adult Coloring Book: King of Waltz by Marie Mozart Andre Rieu Mini Cutout- with mini stand Andre Rieu Life […]

Andre Rieu Hotel Maastricht

Andre Rieu Hometown Concert | Hotels in Maastricht

Hotels in Maastricht are plentiful, but Andre fans are also plentiful in July so it is advisable to book as early as you can! The city is especially busy in July – hotels are booked out way in advance. The Andre Rieu Hometown Concert has truly brought flocks of fans to the city from all […]

Andre Rieu the Therapist

Andre Rieu: The Therapist

At times of stress, as human beings, we have a natural tendency to mother ourselves and reach out for something to relieve the pressure. Maybe we have a major worry and although we try to keep the positive side out, there are times when we cannot avoid the negative thorns of the problem. Maybe we […]

Welkom Andre Rieu

André Rieu is back in cinemas with his 10th Anniversary Maastricht Concert

Experience Andre Rieu in Maastricht, 2014 at a cinema near you. CinemaLive have announced that André Rieu’s 10th Anniversary 2014 Maastricht Concert will be delivered to cinemas via satellite, across the UK, Ireland and Europe on Saturday 19th July and Australia and New Zealand on 26th & 27th July. André said: “My 10th Anniversary hometown […]

Maggie's Andre mug

Maggie’s Andre Rieu mug collection gatecrashed by Gremlins…

I couldn’t resist asking Maggie’s permission to post this little story on The Sound of Maastricht… her group of Andre Rieu fan friends on Facebook found it very entertaining…. It used to be quite simple…. Maggie Bradley would see a mug or collectible she didn’t have, order it and add it to her collection. However, this […]

Ode to Andre Rieu - Desiree Regina

Australian fan proclaims her devotion: “Ode to Andre Rieu”.

He has a special gift to warm the hearts of fans worldwide not only through his music, but also through his charm and charisma. Justin Beiber fans (Beliebers) claim they have Bieber fever. For Andre fans, there is certainly a case for christening his impassioned fans with a fitting label. In another article on this […]