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  1. Peter Keen

    Dear Andre,

    You and your orchestra always hit the right spot. You have had your distress with the loss of dear Ruud which has brought sadness to us all. But you have continued with the most beautiful music in the world. And what makes it so special is your orchestra, which is like a family. The fact that you all remain together for many years is a tribute to your talent and charisma. The whole ensemble brings me immense joy and uplifts my spirit. There is hardly a day goes by without this wonderful medicine. Mostly it is in the form of a CD or DVD which is inferior to seeing you all on the stage but is a very good second best.

    The talent and beauty of your orchestra is wonderful. Your faces are alight with joy as you perform and this makes it so special.

    I cannot adequately express my heartfelt gratitude for what you have done for me over the years.

    I wish you and your beautiful orchestra good health and success both now and the time ahead.

    With love to you all,
    Peter Keen

  2. Thomas Friedrich Goins

    Je bent een begaafd componist en uitvoerder! Bedankt voor het geschenk van je muziek! God zegene u en de uwe!

  3. Yvonne westoll

    Dear Andre, to see you in concert in your very own beautiful Maastricht has been on my ‘bucket list’ for years. At the grand young age of 72 i made a New Years resolution that 2018 was the year. I then joined ‘trusted house/pet sitting for UK/Europe and lo and behold I will be in your home town in July to fullfill my dream and my new challenges. Can’t wait to see you. Keep smiling as always – I wish you and your lovely family well – whoopee! Yvonne, Perth, W.Australia.

  4. Joe Spitzer

    “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” – when are you going to play that with your orchestra??


    Dear Andre,

    Your brilliant concerts have been an inspiration to us as a family these past few years.

    Particularly so in the case of our 9-year-old daughter Shanaia Vasquez Brady, who is a Soloist Soprano Singer trained in Classical by her Music Teacher mother and who has been performing in public for the past three years.

    SHANAIA dreams of one day becoming a full time professional performer and joining your entourage of Soloist Soprano Singers.

    SHANAIA’S current repertoire of Classical and Broadway songs include: “O Mio Babbino Caro”, “Nessun Dorma”, “Ave Maria” by Schubert; “I Dreamed a Dream”; “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”; “Think of Me”; “The Prayer”; “Climb Every Mountain”; “Panis Angelicus”; “Nella Fantasia”; and “O Sole Mio”;

    The following is a link to SHANAIA’S YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5FtLZLlMAkSFoHrndRvzsw/videos?disable_polymer=1

    Shanaia was so pleased to have met her idol and your former leading Soprano Singer Mirusia Louwerse in person and sung on stage with her earlier this year, 2018.

    We have written to Mr. Rieu and asked if he would take time to preview SHANAIA’S performance on YouTube, in the same way that he did for SHANAIA’S idol, MIRUSIA LOUWERSE.

    Thank you once again and we look forward to your arrival here in Australia in November 2018.


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