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I really love Andre Rieu and I know I’m not alone! Yet, I have only been to one concert. However, I am a TV concert regular attendee and I even bought home cinema speakers especially!  So  after seeing broadcasts from all over the world, I didn’t want to go to just any concert in any city. It had to be Maastricht.

Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu

He cherishes this concert in his hometown annually and the joy of the crowd, the musicians and Andre himself just makes it like a recipe for happiness. So instead of travelling to Dublin, which would have been my nearest option, I wanted to go to the Maastricht concert and experience happy land. My dream was to sit in one of the café/restaurant seats to watch the concert rather than an actual concert seat in the square.

My sister and I were due a trip away together plus I hadn’t been on holidays in a few years. I felt I deserved a nice trip and this was my dream. I asked my sister what she thought. She said she didn’t know Andre . I said ‘’WHAT!!!!!?” haha….. so I found a concert due to broadcast on Sky Arts and told her to record it. I said later “what did you think?” She said “Oh yeah I didn’t really watch that yet properly”. I said to myself, well she must not have watched it at all – if she hasn’t caught the bug. I was right. The next Sunday she texted me: “Yes yes yes we are going to see Andre, wow he is brill”! Haha – I gave my sister Andre -itis.

Andre Rieu

Andre Rieu

After extensive exciting research, we booked our trip (just a weekend) and watched the concerts in anticipation. To my surprise, I then discovered both of my other sisters were also blessed with Andre -itis and they jumped at the chance to come along. It turned into a gang of eight Irish Andre  fans ready to hit Maastricht and sway along in three four time while admiring the charismatic baroque-suited Maestro only a few metres away (well the females among us anyway hehe).

Andre chose the composer our dad and mam both loved – Johann Strauss as his favourite. My sisters and I have a lot of emotion for this music, and Andre has brought that emotion alive in all of us again in a most joyful way. We all have memories of the family mountain drives and family picnics up the Wicklow mountains when we hear this music. I want to thank my friend Con for introducing me to Andre Rieu.

I designed this site to help anybody else who has the same dream of this trip to “Happy Land”. Throughout the site I refer more to my own experience in Maastricht 2013.  I hope the information is helpful and if you wish to contact me please do not hesitate and I will do my best to answer or find the answer to any other questions anybody has.

For any Andre fans reading this, comment below, let me know if you, too, have Andre-itis! Thankfully there is no cure and we don’t want one!


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  1. Rosa Charlesworth

    Yes, I have Andre-Itis! I was feeling a bit lethargic this morning (in recovery following a hip replacement op), so my husband put on our 2014 Maastricht DVD. It cheered me up brilliantly, especially as myself, husband Mick and Son Paul and Daughter-in-law Susie, were at the concert in Maastricht when it was recorded and Paul and I were caught on camera dancing to Andre’s amazing music. Just a couple of seconds! My lovely Son and his wife, bought our tickets as a gift for Mick’s 70th birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary. A very treasured gift!


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