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Maastricht is one of Holland’s popular tourist destinations with its historical attractions and fasionable shopping possibilities. Restaurants and hotels are plentiful, but for Andre Rieu dates, the city is busier than usual and it is advisable to book well in advance. Use this page for information on Maastricht, its attractions and where to stay.

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Where is Maastricht?

Maastricht is the capital city of the province of Limburg in the Southeast of the Netherlands (Holland). It is very close to the borders of Belgium and Germany.  It is the city where the Maastricht Treaty was signed in 1992, leading to the European Union and the Euro.


Map of Maastricht - where is Maastricht?

Map of Maastricht – where is Maastricht?



Maastricht attractions

When we went to Maastricht it was from Friday to Sunday, so we only really had the Saturday free and we did shopping and a nice lunch. One of my sisters and her husband stayed a few days extra and really loved the city.

Regarding attractions and what to do in the city of Maastricht, I have two good links to recommend that I bookmarked myself:

  • The first is the Maastricht section of the larger site  – Click here
  • The second is a nice clear blog I found which includes details on how to travel to Maastricht and plenty of information on things to do in the city – Click here

(Note: Links in paragraph below are taken from the link given above)
From word of mouth and from what I read, I can recommend the Maastricht cruise on the Meuse River, a visit to the vineyards of Maastricht just outside the city with a tour and a taste of the best or what we did… shopping! The city is renowned for its shopping, from daily markets to chique boutiques and art design galleries.


Ruud and Ineke

Ruud and Ineke

Another great resource is the Andre Rieu fan site here by a lovely

Dutch couple Ruud and Ineke. There is information about the concert, fan outings, travel and Maastricht attractions.

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The good old Lonely Planet Travel Guide – Especially useful if you plan to explore Holland beyond the boundaries of Maastricht. 2013 edition



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