Maggie’s Andre Rieu mug collection gatecrashed by Gremlins…

I couldn’t resist asking Maggie’s permission to post this little story on The Sound of Maastricht… her group of Andre Rieu fan friends on Facebook found it very entertaining….

It used to be quite simple…. Maggie Bradley would see a mug or collectible she didn’t have, order it and add it to her collection. However, this time the Gremlins got word of her collection and decided to chime in…

Maggie Gremlin mug

Maggie Gremlin mug

Maggie received this mug in error…. (her gremlin expression says it all…)

Unfortunately for the gremlins, Maggie wasn’t impressed and returned the mug. She said “The other person wrote in and also complained that they had the wrong mug”…… Let’s imagine the other person’s surprise receiving a mug of our Andre after ordering a Gremlin mug.
Although Maggie said “if i get the right one this time i won’t be doing an impression of Andre. The gremlin was easy. Hahaha…”, I think her expression with the Andre mug is perfectly apt – happiness!

Maggie's Andre mug

Maggie’s Andre mug

Maggie is going to Maastricht this year to see our hero. Safe trip to the Maastricht gang in 2014!


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